Good care and en
love for trees
Good care and
love for trees

We would like to present our tree nursery located in the avenue tree centre of Opheusden. Combinatie Mauritz is a grower of avenue trees, fruit trees, ornamental trees and topiary trees, as well as various multistem and solitary shrubs.

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Opheusden Tree Nursery

The Combinatie Mauritz nursery is located in the village of Opheusden in the Betuwe region between the Rhine and Waal rivers. Opheusden is a village lying on fertile old river ridge soil. As a result, trees have been cultivated in this area for centuries. The extremely suitable river clay is the perfect soil for our trees. The river clay has the nice property of retaining and binding water and nutrients very efficiently.

The Opheusden tree nursery has been expanded over the years to an area of around 1,600 hectares. We grow on around 10% of the total area and supply the largest assortment of avenue trees in Opheusden from open ground and in containers. Many of our customers have now found their way to us and we’re making the world a little greener together. Read more around the history of our tree nursery here.

Trees from the Combinatie Mauritz tree nursery in Opheusden are sent across the whole of Europe and far beyond. We offer our customers a total delivery service where they can order shrubs, hedge plants, conifers, flower bulbs or other green products directly from our trees.

Would you like more information?

Thanks to our specialists’ decades of experience, we know better than anyone how to grow a beautiful, strong and healthy product. We’re happy to advise our customers, who are mostly horticultural professionals, in selecting the planting application, such as shape, bloom, colour, biodiversity and ecological value.

Would you like more information about your planting plan or do you have questions about which species are most suitable for which locations? Then please contact us by sending an e-mail to: or give us a call on +31 (0)488-441501.

Would you prefer to visit our tree nursery? That’s also possible! We warmly welcome you by appointment at Lakemondsestraat 2a in Opheusden.


Good care and love for trees