Container cultivation

Combinatie Mauritz is strongly represented in the production of container trees.

All of our trees are grown in white containers or grow bags. Our own tests have shown that growing them in white containers gives the best rooting results. In this way, no turning roots can develop as in all other black or green containers. This also guarantees successful regrowth.

We grow 35,000 trees in a plot measuring ten hectares. There are more than 600 different types of avenue trees and ornamental trees, including multistem trees in containers.

The big advantage of growing in containers is that you can keep factors like fertilisation and water management in your own hands. After having used compound fertilisers for a number of years, we decided to switch over completely to straight fertilisers in 2017. This decision was made because on the one hand, they are cheaper, but also because it enables us to apply the right nutrients much more accurately. At first, we add phosphate which stimulates rooting, then we control the length a bit more by adding nitrogen.

In late summer, we finish with potash to harden the trees in the container sufficiently and strengthen their cell walls in preparation for the winter. By making the plant more resistant, we reduce its susceptibility to diseases and pests.

The irrigation in containers is automatically controlled by VPD (Vapour Pressure Difference). This is a value calculated on the basis of the humidity and temperature.

Over the years, the demand for trees in containers has also increased outside of the conventional planting season (October-March). In 1990, we were also one of the first companies in Opheusden to begin the production of avenue trees and ornamental trees in containers. Over the years, this business has expanded to the current ten hectares.

Why do customers buy container trees from Combinatie Mauritz?

  • We offer the largest assortment of container trees in the Netherlands, including more than 600 rare varieties.
  • We offer peace of mind through complete delivery if desired (one-stop-supplier).
  • Know-how.
Advantages of container cultivation
  • Year-round planting to be able to deliver projects
  • Ideal for delayed planting projects
  • Year-round delivery
  • More than 600 different varieties
  • 35,000 container trees in stock
  • Faster, resulting in lower plant costs
  • Finely branched root system due to white bag that prevents turning roots
  • No stem damage during loading and transport
  • Lower transport volume

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