Avenue trees in urban areas

Why are trees so important?

Contribution to the climate

Greenery reduces heat stress in urban areas. Avenue trees make a significant contribution to this by creating shade, thus lowering the temperature at street level and improving the well-being of pedestrians and cyclists. That’s why it’s important to take good care of these trees. Water them regularly and plant them in good locations to ensure that they grow well in urban conditions.

Contribution to water management

The climate is changing and the temperature is rising. The fact is that summer rain is getting heavier and we’re increasingly subject to flooding due to a lot of rainfall over a short period. Over the years, many more buildings and paved areas have been added to public spaces. When rain falls on roads or roofs, it flows to the adjacent areas almost immediately. Avenue trees ensure that water first lands on leaves and then slides down the trunk or drips onto the ground directly. This flattens the accumulated water peaks to some extent. Of course, trees also absorb water themselves. The average adult tree in an urban environment holds about 200 to 400 litres of water in the crown.

Contribution to biodiversity

Trees are important because they make a positive contribution to biodiversity in the surrounding environment. Greater biodiversity also ensures the production of ecosystem services, which contributes to the well-being of inhabitants.

Contribution to air quality

Avenue trees make a positive contribution to air quality in cities. All types of greenery contribute to this, but avenue trees have a much larger volume than shrubs for example, so they make a bigger contribution as a result. Avenue trees filter significant amounts of polluted air, thus reducing the level of airborne pollutants. They basically do this in three different ways: Gaseous substances are absorbed into the leaves through the stomata, fine dust is deposited on leaves and branches, and volatile organic compounds are absorbed into the wax layer of the leaves.

Avenue trees and ornamental trees have a screening effect in urban areas. This means that if they are planted as a hedge, for example, they create a filtering effect between the road and the area behind it, for example a park.

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