About pruning

Pruning is a critical step both for shaping and maintaining trees. The quality of our trees is largely determined by the pruning method. Regular pruning and transplanting are essential to maintain the balance between the tree’s root system and its crown. It’s also the first step of cultivation. When the starting material comes in, it’s pruned back to promote growth.

At Combinatie Mauritz, we prune according to a strict annual schedule. At the end of September, all trees that were planted in the spring of that year are pruned. We do this to bring the tree into shape for the next growing season. After that, we often prune the rest of the trees that are not ready for delivery in the first two weeks of January. Then, at the end of the delivery season, we prune any trees that have not been sold and will therefore remain standing for another year. The pruning method to be used is determined depending on the trees’ age, variety and size.