Field grown

Transplanted twice

Every year at Combinatie Mauritz, 100,000 rootstocks are planted. A large proportion of these plants are grafted in the summer. This is done by means of bud grafting or chip budding.

Grafting of plants has been performed since the very beginning of human agricultural and horticultural activities. This mainly consisted of storing seeds at first. Much later, when genetics came to be understood, it was intensified.

Starting material
Twice transplanted trees with a trunk circumference of 6 to 12 cm form the basis for our customers’ cultivation, as well as our own container trees and our three times transplanted trees. It’s therefore important for the quality of these trees to be excellent. Prerequisites include being disease-free and having a straight trunk, a well-branched root system and a balanced crown structure.



Transplanted three times

These young adult trees are ideally suited for planting. They have a pre-formed crown, a straight trunk to around 230 cm, a well-branched root system and a continuous central branch.

Every year, we plant around 50,000 trees when they are 8-10 cm high which grow up to 12-14 to 25-30 cm.

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