Multistem trees

Multistem trees are solid, sturdy and can be used almost anywhere.

Nature, greenery and experience are buzzwords that have increasingly been used in society in recent years. The question ‘how can greenery and nature be integrated?’ is being asked more frequently. Nature playgrounds are just one example of this. This means the demand for multistem trees has also increased greatly in recent years. A multistem tree is pruned in the nursery at a young age so that multiple stems develop at its base.

Once the multistem trees have become a bit older, they are crowned. This creates a playful character and an open vista. Multistem trees are iconic features of the landscape. Partly because of this, they are often used by designers, garden architects and landscape architects. Thanks to their wide, attractive crown growth, these trees are often regarded as a good shade plant.

Where can you buy multistem trees?

At Combinatie Mauritz, you’re in the right place for multistem trees. We grow more than 250 varieties of multistem trees, which we sell when they stand 150 to 700 cm high.

Multistem from one plant or multiple plants

There are some multistem trees that consist of one plant. These trees have been cultivated and pruned into this shape throughout their youth. However, there are also multistem trees that are planted together as multiple separate individual plants into one planting hole.

Uses of multistem trees

Multistem trees can be used in a variety of versatile ways. They do very well as climbing trees in parks (see photo) and are certainly not out of place either as eye-catchers in the front or back garden. Multistem trees or solitaires have a natural perception and therefore plenty of atmosphere is created wherever they are planted. These multistem trees are also well suited to use as a natural sun shade.

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