The soil is one of the most important factors affecting the growth of our trees. When planting trees, it’s no coincidence that more money is often spent on the planting site than on the tree itself. Because growing trees at tree nurseries is a perennial cultivation, we want to do everything we can to ensure that we start them off well.

Quality and quantity

We only plant the best starting material, which forms the basis for the start of the perennial cultivation. We always start this planting in the second week of October. On the one hand, we do this because we have free time to plant in October just before the delivery season, and on the other hand to promote regrowth, because trees can still settle nicely into the soil and form new roots in the autumn. They can then start growing immediately in the following spring. A beautifully branched root system, a straight trunk, good crown structure, finely shaped branches, a healthy appearance and the absence of trunk wounds – these are the starting points from which we select our planting material. Below is a summary of the facts and figures:

  • Planting of 100,000 rootstocks
  • Planting of 10,000 bench grafts
  • Planting of 50,000 trees 8/10
  • Planting of 20,000 trees for containers
  • Planting of 5,000 multistem trees
Machine planting

Ergonomics is a top priority for Combinatie Mauritz. Therefore, our planting is done mechanically, even using the GPS system.

A two-row planting machine is used to plant the rootstocks. Larger trees are planted with a single-row planting machine equipped with a digging mechanism. A potting machine is used for container cultivation.

Why should trees be transplanted?

When we transplant our trees, we prune the roots and crown. We prune the roots because they then branch out and fine hair roots develop that promote regrowth significantly. This allows water and nutrients to be absorbed better. We prune back the crown, whereby the continuous head branch is also cut back to get a nice compact crown. This also gives the trees more space to grow into young adult trees that are ready to be planted in your project.