Level-controlled drainage

We are dealing with the effects of climate change. As a result, we increasingly experience longer dry periods and short but heavy rainfall. At Combinatie Mauritz, we grow our trees on more than thirty different plots. We cannot irrigate all of these plots at the same time, although there is a demand for it.

By installing (composite) level-controlled drainage on our plots, we are able to determine the height of the groundwater ourselves. With level-controlled drainage, the drainage hoses are connected to a main pipe from which we can pump water into or out of the field.

This system saves us time, energy and precious water. It’s important to use water as efficiently as possible and be able to retain it for as long as possible. Another advantage of this is that it keeps the problem of weeds under control because the top layer of soil simply remains dry.

Level-controlled drainage prepares the trees for their future location. After all, trees naturally have to find their own water. By offering constant drip irrigation, you can create lazy trees. We believe that the trees should find the water themselves and that’s why we use level-controlled drainage. We certainly don’t spoil our trees! This ensures that they are optimally prepared for their future location.

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