Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’® | Columnar Norway maple


Height: 10 – 12 m
Crown: closed, permanently columnar
Leaves: 5/7 lobed, petioles, up to 20 cm long, healthy dark green
Flowers: yellow-green, fragrant
Bark: dark grey, with light brown branches
Fruits: winged nut fruit samara 3.5 – 4 cm long
Autumn colour: yellow
Location: makes few demands on soil, wind-resistant
Hardiness: very hardy
Wind sensitivity: tolerates reasonable wind
Soil moisture: dry, damp
Shape: standard tree, feathered tree
Origin: Combinatie Mauritz B.V. Opheusden, Netherlands Propagation without permission is prohibited.
Biodiversity: bees, butterflies, birds
Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’®

Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’® is a selection that is only produced/found by Combinatie Mauritz tree nurseries. Propagation without permission is prohibited.  Once we were convinced of the success of this cultivar ourselves, we started producing it on a large scale. It then found its way into various applications and cities in the Netherlands and Europe.

Characteristics of Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’®

Acer platanoides Mauritz Upright®, also called columnar Norway maple, is the perfect application as a columnar shape, both for your garden and also for planting in public spaces. Since the mother tree is around 30 years old and only 2 m wide, it can rightly be said that this is a columnar shape that remains very slender and requires little maintenance. This narrow tree requires little maintenance because its perfectly natural columnar shape needs no pruning. Unlike Acer platanoides ‘Columnare’ which can grow up to 6 m wide, ‘Mauritz Upright’® remains much more compact and its leaf position is also completely different. Another striking feature of Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’® is that, as the name implies, it’s beautifully upright and has a narrow crown, as well as beautiful large and striking dark green healthy leaves. The thick, healthy dark green leaves of the columnar Norway maple are not very susceptible to mildew and, unlike the other Acer platanoides selections, they actually stand upright on the tree with long petioles having a length of around 15 cm. The yellow-green, lightly scented flowers appear on the tree around April. This columnar tree flowers early, making it a valuable tree for bees. The fruits are the well-known winged nut fruits also known as samaras or popularly called ‘helicopters’. This finely branched tree turns a golden yellow colour in the autumn.

Application of Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’®

A great tree for narrow streets
A problem faced by many garden architects, landscape architects, urban planners and policymakers is that, in addition to the buildings, there must also be room for greenery, but there is usually not enough space for it. Due to its remarkably slender growth habit and low maintenance, Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’® is the ideal street tree to plant next to buildings or other public spaces. People often misjudge the names and shapes of trees. To give just one example, Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’ is very narrow at a younger age but, as the tree gets older, it develops heavy main branches that become increasingly wider.

Trees and solar panels

Trees can reduce the efficiency of solar panels because they can block light due to their large crown size. With the columnar Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’®, we have the ideal solution for you. Solar panels and trees can now be very good friends!

Because there’s a lot of demand for this variety and we would like to be able to supply everyone, please ask us in advance to determine the availability of sizes and numbers. Acer platanoides ‘Mauritz Upright’® is available as a standard tree, but also as a feathered tree, grown both in open ground and in containers.

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