Loading trees for delivery requires having the necessary know-how. Especially for large trees, it’s important for the noose to be in the correct position to prevent the bark from being damaged.

By using modern lifting machines and transporters that specialise in the transport of trees and plants, we can deliver to our customers quickly, anywhere in Europe or far beyond. If desired, the trees can be delivered on site, either to your company or to the location at which the trees will be planted. These trees are supplied with neutral labels. Because we make regular shipments and often combine the orders of multiple customers in one trailer, we can serve our customers optimally.

Every day, an efficient plan is prepared for a route through our fields to collect all the orders.

These fields are a maximum of 20 minutes’ drive from the company, which means we can switch between them quickly. For the internal transport of rootball trees from the nursery to the company, we use tractors with radio control. This allows us to work efficiently and requires one less employee.

Trees lifted with bare roots are prepared for shipment in our warehouse, which is equipped with a fogging system. In this way, we create the optimal climate to keep the trees in good condition until they are shipped out. If desired, the tree’s roots are packed in a plastic bag to protect them from drying out during transport.