Tree nursery in the Netherlands

The Combinatie Mauritz tree nursery is located in the Netherlands, in the Betuwe village of Opheusden.

Situated between the Nederrijn and Waal rivers, our tree nursery makes good use of the fertile river clay in this area. This provides a fantastic soil for our trees. The river clay retains nutrients and water and our trees grow extremely well on it.

It’s not surprising that Opheusden in the Netherlands is home to so many tree nurseries, covering no less than 1,800 hectares. Our trees are grown on around 10% of this area.

We supply a large part of the assortment of avenue trees throughout the Netherlands, grown both in open ground and in containers. You can read more around the history of our tree nursery in the Netherlands here.

The trees from our tree nursery are delivered both within the Netherlands and far beyond our borders. In fact, we ship trees all over the world. Our customers receive a total delivery service from us. You can order hedge plants, shrubs, conifers, flower bulbs or other green products in addition to our trees.