Opheusden Tree Nursery

The Combinatie Mauritz tree nursery is located in the Betuwe village of Opheusden, between the Nederrijn and Waal rivers.

Opheusden is a village situated on fertile old river levee land. As a result, trees have been grown in this area for centuries. The extremely suitable river clay is the perfect soil for our trees. The river clay has the nice property of retaining and binding water and nutrients very efficiently.

Around 1,800 hectares of land in Opheusden are covered by tree nurseries. We grow on around 10% of the total hectares and supply the largest assortment of avenue trees in Opheusden, both from open ground and in containers.

Many of our customers have now found their way to us and we’re making the world a little greener together. Read more around the history of our tree nursery here.

Trees from the Combinatie Mauritz tree nursery in Opheusden are sent across the whole of Europe and far beyond. We offer our customers a total delivery service where they can order shrubs, hedge plants, conifers, flower bulbs or other green products in addition to our trees.